Digital Fluency


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To be Digitally Fluent is to be able to understand and to use of technology and all the different programs that you come across as well as having the ability to communicate with others effectively through different forms of technology. A person that is digitally fluent knows all the tools and how to work with them and is able to explain why they work and what they do. Digital fluency is also having the ability to adapt to changes that may occur in the digital world. It requires the capability and willingness to go higher and constantly improve upon the skills you already have.(Core blog 2016)


Pinterest (n.d.) Technology Quotes.

In an educational setting a student is thought to be fluent when they are using a language and are able to write it. With digital fluency, a student has the ability to understand all different environments and can demonstrate the ability to make choices and use tools to help them understand and communicate correctly. (Holland 2016)

Educators need to let their students know that being Digitally Fluent is all about trial and error and navigating your way around the digital world.  This can be on many different resources such as; on the computer, smart board, phone , i-pad.  There are many more available, these are just a few. Digitally Fluent skill can be gained through our personal lives by transferring from area to another and then putting it into practice, sometimes we do this without even know we are doing it. But as educators we need to be mindful that not all students are digitally Fluent and that these students may need extra support to understand certain things so they are able to engage and enjoy the digital world. We need to be exposing students to digital technology at their current academic level. (Howell, 2013)

Digital-India_large (2014 august 21) Govt approves Rs 1 L crore Digital India programme.



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